Are you looking for natural therapy, or an alternative therapist?


Bowette provides natural drug free techniques and alternative therapies developed here in Australia being Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy. In addition to these two therapies, Remedial Massage and an electronic device called ENAR therapy is also used. Impressed by how these treatments helped me during a period of constant pain following an accident, I decided to learn these techniques to assist others.

It is true that everybody is unique yet the pattern to recovery can be similar – we are all human. Thus I believe these techniques I have experienced firsthand, will benefit you as well to find the path to healing.


Clients experience a personalized combination of these special therapies during each visit as needed, with extremely positive results – the Bowette Facebook page has the testimonials for you to view. Bowette soft tissue therapies are truly complimentary modality, in that clients can use it alongside physiotherapy, chiropractic and other therapies in their total treatment plan.

Bowette addresses restricted muscles and associated pain, whereas physiotherapy retrains and strengthens muscles, while chiropractic realigns bony structures.

I have been a practicing soft tissue therapist since 2007 and have lectured publicly whilst running a clinic. During this time I have treated a wide range of clients from:

  • dancers and athletes at different professional levels;
  • new born to great grandparents
  • tradies to professional drivers,
  • office workers as well as people recovering from strokes
  • post-surgery assistance, along with people with persistent conditions which need regular support to maintain quality of life.

As a Professional Health Carer offering a range of effective drug free treatments I will always strive to provide the best care possible, though I will not hesitate to refer a client if I believe their complaint needs to be examined by another field of expertise.

To arrange an appointment please contact me by telephone or email.

    0409 589 011

Bowette is located here.
325 Narangba Rd, Kurwongbah QLD 4503